Areca “Butterfly Palm” 4 inch pot


Ships: (1) 4-inch pot with soil.
Approximate Height: 6-12 inches multi-trunk
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Botanical Name: Areca Palm Chrysalidocarpus lutescens/ Dypsis lutescens
Common Name: “Butterfly Palm”
Fronds: soft, fine-textured; are full and dense
Growth Rate: slow to moderate Mature Height: 15 to 20 feet Spacing: 3-6 feet
Growth Habit: clustering palm; meaning a multitude of trunks spring up from the base of the plant, giving it a lush full look.
Trunk Size: vary in size from pencil thin to thick as a person’s arm, especially as it matures
Sun Exposure: sun or shade
Pruning: leave the palm fluffy and full to the ground, or thin it out to see more of the trunks
Fertilize: three times a year – spring, summer and fall. Use a granular palm fertilizer Moisture: regular water is necessary, Does Not like overly wet conditions. Not enough water can cause leaf tip burn Deer Resistant: said to be Salt-tolerant: moderately Uses: privacy screening or hedge plantings; in a pool cage planter; as a large corner accent; to cover a blank wall, fence or side of house or garage& container plant for pool, patio or screen.
Hardy Zone: 9-10 Indoor Potted Palm- Any Zone

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