Hibiscus Cajun Color Night Runner Starter Plant


Series: Cajun Colored
Ships: (1) 3 inch pot Starter plant with soil.
Approximate Height: 5-9+ inches.
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The Cajun Color Hibiscus “Night Runner”
Hibiscus rosa-sinesis, commonly known as Queen of the Tropics, is coveted for its stunning beauty by plant enthusiasts around the globe. The Latin name rosa-sinensis means China Rose.
A rare hibiscus for 2007!
A heavy-blooming, sprawling bush with light green foliage.
A rare slow-growing variety but worth the beauty.
Huge, light green leaves.
Compact, well-branching.
Mulch 2-3 inches.
We also include a full 2 pages of Introduction and Care info with your Hibiscuse.
Soil Conditions: Well drained, potting mixes are fine as long as they control moisture.
Light Exposure: Full Sun- Part Shade

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